Pete: A True Canadian Treasure.

It's no secret (or surprise!) that Canada is a gold mine of unique musical acts. We are lucky enough to pride ourselves on success - topping charts and stealing hearts in so many genres with artists like Broken Social Scene, Rush, Lightfoot, Feist, Tegan and Sara, kd Lang, Cohen...I could go on for a while. When we came across east coast artist PETE, I instantly recognized that Canadian charm behind his vocals... you have to hear how fun "Adam Brings It" is before we move forward.

Go on, I'll wait.

Such a fun retro vibe with modern production, Pete is a dude that brings the good 'feels' that anyone can enjoy.

Pete holds a B.P.S. in Music Production from Berklee College of Music and has a variety of writing credits under his belt. His solo project "Pop Music Study" is made up of 15 original songs that are inspired by the past and present eras of Pop music.

We had the opportunity to have a virtual sit down and ask Pete a few questions, check em' out below!


If you could choose any venue in the world to play, what would be your top pick?

I would like to play the Sydney Opera House. I’ve never been there in person, but I think it is a very cool venue. Plus, I’d have to be doing something right to play anywhere in Australia.

What is your favourite past era of music- any stick out?

I’m a big 80’s rock fan. I take a lot of inspiration from Rock as well as early Pop artists. From strictly a vocal production stand point, I really appreciate the power and production within artists from this time period.

Bands like Journey, Gun’s N’ Roses, and Pink Floyd really give their all vocally. Powerful, face slapping, fun. And other more inventive, but equally as robust, artist like Prince and Michael Jackson have made me explore what the voice can do.

2020 has been a wild year - what's coming up for you in 2021?

Coming up in 2021 I will have my hands in a bunch of different projects:

Within my solo career I will be focusing on my Lullaby album, “SONGS FOR THEO,” set to release May 2021. Music Videos for “Adam Brings It” and “That Boy” coming down the pipe for winter 2021. I’m joining forces with Josh Robert and Isaac Hanson to release an EP, currently untitled, in summer 2021. And of course, I hope to continue single releases every now and then.

I’m also very excited to be part of the pop-funk group WITH VIOLET (@withvioletband). We have our first album coming out February 2021. And finally, I will be starting a new group with a long time co-writer and friend, Spencer FitzGerald. FITZ & MAC will be releasing their debut album, currently untitled, in fall 2021.

Who do you make music for? Are there any specific interests or people who inspire you to write?

I make music for a combination of myself and others. I think there's an important balance in finding what you love, and finding what your audience is wanting.

My inspiration comes from random places, but as of lately I’m getting a lot of inspiration from my girlfriend, Laura.

What kind of food fuels you at home and on the road?

Fortunately/unfortunately, Pizza pops… [Not a sponsor.]


You can hear PETE's track "Adam Brings It" on the Lost Angeles Press Spotify Playlist

Check out THIS link for direction to PETE's website - with all social links provided.

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